Choosing the right agent to represent you is the most important decision you will have to make when it comes to selling your property. With years of experience on our side we can advise and to guide you through the selling process while listening to your suggestions and comments at all times.

The Valuation

The first thing you need to do is get a valuation on your property. We will call to inspect the property you are considering selling and give you a free valuation. With a keen local knowledge of Corks property trends we will give you accurate information as to where the value of your property lies. Getting the valuation of your property right is a critical part of the process so make sure your valuer is fully qualified.

We will give you ample time before each viewing. The viewing is a most important stage as negotiations can start from this point. Make sure that the property is in tip top shape as first impressions will last. We will not be slow to make suggestions in this area. See our Selling Your Property Tips.


This is a key area in the whole process ans something we excel in. We will assess the suitability of all interested parties directly with you. Communication at this point is important so we will be in contact almost daily. We will need to make sure we have all the purchaser’s details in relation to contact details, time frame, solicitors, banks to ensure that when we agree a deal the purchaser will complete.

After Agreeing A Deal

At this stage we will confirm in writing to the seller, the buyer and their respective solicitors confirming that a deal has been agreed, the terms of the deal and projected closing dates. We will liaise with you on progress at all stages of the buying process. We will also organise the visit of an engineer and a valuer for the bank.